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Leadership Connections Lead the Pack Sales Training

Colorado Office:
14143 Denver West Parkway Ste 100
Golden, CO 80401

P: 303.462.1277
F: 303.274.9771

Training Location II
700 Kalamath St.,
Denver, CO 80204

Sales Training Sessions for "Software, IT and Technology Professionals"

Sales Mastery® Modules

Sales Professionals Selling Software, IT and Technology products and services are often seduced into investing time, energy, and resources educating prospects and then find it difficult to obtain a decision or face a wall of excuses, stalls or reasons not to buy.

Reports indicate that up to 90% of software proposals (excluding off the shelf versions) never result in a decision to buy.

Sales Training Selling IT Software

If you consistantly experience any of these issues:

  • You make large investments of resources doing demo’s and quotes that you end up chasing, rarely getting a decision.
  • You experience surprise stalls at the end of your sales cycle such as “It is more than we want to spend” or “we have to submit this to our internal   
    leadership team”
  • Your contact says, “I am gathering information for my boss, (team etc.), I am who you must work with.”
  • When you call, no one is ever available, and no one returns your messages.The most common response is, “We are not interested,” or “We already are using a vendor or program that we like.”

Your sales approach and sales process needs an upgrade.  Sales Mastery’s Lead the Pack approach can resolve your frustration, reduce rejection and dramatically increase revenues.  Avoid looking and sounding like old school feature and benefit selling, and instead learn how to lead your prospect’s to an easier buying decision.  Become the trusted advisor and consultant buyers want in a salesperson, without giving away the company store and expertise.

  • Learn how to use your initial demo to develop stronger need and desire
  • Identify objections, and obstacles before your final prosposal
  • Manage the sales process in a way that is more comfortable for the prospect
  • Get the information you need to qualify easily, comfortably and earlier
  • Access final decision makers earlier
  • Close more opportunities
"Hearing is also a well-developed sense in wolves. They are able to hear and interpret sounds several kilometers away. They can hear wolves of their own or another pack howling at considerable distances. This helps to reunite separated pack members and to avoid confrontations with strangers. In selling listening is critical. Avoid making assumptions, and clarify everything the prospect says. Listening skills will grow your business.."

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