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Leadership Connections Lead the Pack Sales Training

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Training Location II
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Sales Management Training
Sales Mastery® 'Leadership Tools for Pack Leaders'Sales Management Denver, Colorado

Sales Management and Leadership Workshops Denver Colorado, meet monthly combined with one-on-one sales coaching.  Sales Mastery® Sales Management and leadership  training seminars can be customized and delivered at your site to fit your logistical training needs. Gain sales management and sales leadership principles and become an ‘Alpha sales pack leader’.  

Sales Mastery’s® ‘Leadership Tools for Pack Leaders’ provides the vehicle to empower, grow, and motivate your salespeople.  Rally your sales team behind your sales goals and mission.  Master methods to hire the DNA of top sellers and learn how to jump-start their sales success.  Set clear expectations and provide feedback without creating defensiveness or resentment. Eliminate sales excuses, stop telling, start coaching, and create bottom line sales results.  Gain the sales coaching skills and sales leadership skills that really impact sales behaviors and build the foundation of a great sales team. Contact us for more information on becoming a great sales manager.

Hiring | Duplicating Success & Changing Behavior | Coaching and Consulting

Sales Management brings unique challenges.  Producing sales results through others, yet having to manage relationships above and below is stressful.  Exchange sales management ideas, tap the expertise of your peers, address common sales challenges, and accrue the wisdom and skills of an alpha sales leader.  Learn how to rally your team behind your sales goals, how to hire the top sales performers, set clear expectations and eliminate excuses.  Learn communication skills that create a culture of accountability, and leverage the power of performance feedback.  Hone your coaching skills and dramatically increase the effectiveness of your team’s sales calls.  Sales Mastery® leadership tools show you how to replicate desired behaviors, eliminate unwanted behaviors, and how to conduct dynamic sales meetings. Access our most popular sales manager training seminars and workshops.


Audiences Who Will Benefit Include:

  • Sales Managers
  • Selling Management
  • Coaches
  • Business Owners
  • Team Leaders                    

“Like the wolf, pack leaders must build the success of the team on the strengths of the individuals.”

Sales Managers Measurable Benefits of this Series

  • Boost team effort and successSales Mastery Wolf
  • Increase accountability
  • Rally your team to achieve
  • Run dynamic sales meetings
  • Hire the DNA of pack leaders
  • Acquire coaching secrets
  • Interviews that prevent errors
  • Exchange ideas
  • Replicate desired behaviors
  • Tap the expertise of peers
  • Eliminate undesired behavior
  • Work on challenges

Sales Management Training Workshops and Sessions

Workshop #1: Vision, Goals and Values – The Soul of Leadership 
This workshop will take the “fluff” out of these words so you can clarify, communicate, and rally your team behind your cause with compelling conviction.
Ask yourself?

  • What is our cause? Service, Volume, Expertise, Market Position?
  • What is the real business we are in?
  • How do we define our values?
  • How do we implement and stay the course each day?
  • Upon what principles do we make decisions?

Workshops #2 and #3:
Building High Performance Teams, Part I and Part II– Keys to Selecting Sales Leaders
Hiring is one of, if not the most difficult decision for owners and managers.  Leading and managing is getting things done through others.  Studies suggest the wrong “hire” impact is 3-5 times the annual compensation of the position.  Great managers and great leaders know how to “see” the real candidate and choose the best candidate based on competencies, not just on a “feels right” decision.  We will show you the essentials of hiring sales reps:

  • How to define core competencies required for your specific sales position
  • How to use the same system Fortune 100 companies use for employee selection and evaluation
  • How to compare apples to apples and make more “right” hiring decisions
  • How to protect yourself from litigation
  • How to uncover the “true” candidate competencies, strengths and weaknesses quickly and easily
  • How and when assessments can help in determining the best fit
  • How to identify hunter or farmer behaviors and call reluctance issues before you hire

Workshop #4:
Leading and Managing Diverse Behavior, Communication and Values Styles
Great leaders and managers recognize the necessity to understand, relate, and communicate with a wide variety of people.  The great manager also recognizes that each person will be motivated and responsive to differing stimuli and will have differing needs from management.  You will:

  • Learn when to be a mentor, a manager, a counselor and a leader
  • Learn the “why” behind a persons actions and how best to motivate them 
  • How to communicate and direct each person to maximize performance
  • Reduce conflict and increase teamwork, loyalty and personal satisfaction

Workshop #5:           
Managing & Setting Expectations – Principles for High Performance
“They just don’t do what I tell them.”  is a common complaint and frustration heard from managers.  Great managers consistently communicate clear expectations and provide feedback on those expectations.  Do you really have clear definitions and expectations for high performance?  If not, your team may be working on the wrong goals and activities.  Leave this workshop with:

  • A specific “game plan” for high performance 
  • Clear performance expectations defined in weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly increments
  • Priorities and tools to manage those priorities
  • Eliminate, “I didn’t knows”, “I forgot” and other excuses
  • How to develop mutual agreements on Plans of Action from hire date
  • Design a recognition program that doesn’t cost money but yields a high return on investment

Workshop #6:
Establish Accountability and Eliminate Excuses
How do you know if you are winning or losing?  Where is the weakest link in your organization or in your team’s process?  How do you know what to work on with each salesperson?  Is it activity, beliefs, effectiveness, work ethic, or specific skill deficiencies?  Without a tracking, benchmarking and accountability system in place, how will you know which end of the problem to manage?  Implement processes that will:

  • Alert you more quickly to potential sales behavior problems
  • Identify specific individual problems
  • Move your culture from excuses to action
  • Remove your need to judge the validity of “excuses”
  • Put improvement plans in place earlier

Workshop #7:
Performance Feedback:  How and When to Give It, and Why It So Critical
The two most dreaded words in many organizations is “performance evaluation.”  Turn evaluations into a process to grow and develop your team and create real change.  Move feedback from another chore on your to-do list to a real management tool.  Understand and practice:

  • The steps of effective performance evaluations
  • What to give feedback on
  • How to give feedback without destroying trust or morale
  • Identify tracking and documentation tools needed to assess performance
  • Understand the importance of termination as a normal part of managing 
  • Turn mediocre performers into top performers

Workshop #8:
Principles of Training & Coaching Skills Salespeople for High Performance
Most managers seek reward for managing their team tracking activity, turning in reports and trouble-shooting operations issues.  The key to building a “super bowl” vs. a “minor league” sales team is the coaching and training skills of the manager.  At the end of this workshop, you will learn:

  • The concepts of the adult learning model and how they apply to your sales process.
  • How to increase retention of product knowledge and sales skills by 50%.
  • How to stop telling and achieve faster and better results
  • How to create an individualized coaching plan for each person on your sales team to make them an alpha sales leader
  • Recognize why they don’t do what you ask them to do

Great coaches have a system for training their team.  They call it practice.  Regardless if an athlete has been competing for 1 year or 20 years, the athlete is expected to show up for practice because top performers know that reinforcement and continuous improvement builds champions.  At the end of this workshop, you will learn:

  • The key ingredients to an effective training session
  • The top mistakes made by managers when setting up role plays and exercises
  • The power of story telling for effective communication
  • Facilitation skills for manager-trainers
  • The top three coaching mistakes made by sales managers that de-motivate learning and skill improvement
  • Drill/application skill sets that will sharpen specific sales skills
  • How to get training to “stick”

Workshops #9 and #10:
Field Coaching & Changing Behavior, Part I and Part II: How to Maximize Results
Face-to-face time with decision makers has never been more valuable or scarce.  Sellers must take classroom training to the real world.  Sales call pre-briefings and debriefings are a proven tool to reinforce skill sets, obtain ROI from training sessions, and build desired behaviors.  At the end of this workshop, you will learn:

  • How to coach before and after the sales call
  • The top three coaching mistakes made by sales managers
  • How to implement drill/application skill sets that will sharpen specific sales skills 100%
  • How to create a learning environment at your company where excellence is the standard

Everyone agrees that doing the right things in the right way will produce the right results.  The question is why are people doing the wrong behavior and how do will you get it to change?  If telling and telling has not worked, this session is for you.  Learn an effective, simple process that will eliminate undesirable behaviors and replicate desired behaviors.  This process is a proven way to get results!  

  • When to give strokes and when not to give strokes
  • How the wrong behavior is unknowingly being rewarded
  • Why timing is everything

Workshop #11:
Sales Meetings That Inspire
Increased productivity pressures and the escalating costs of down time and travel, demands that time spent out of the field have a measurable ROI.  Poor sales meetings are one of the highest complaints from salespeople.

  • Establish themes & topics
  • Get people involved
  • Three no-no’s
  • Have a long term plan

Workshop #12: 
Territory and Account Planning   
Plan your work and work your plan is the focus of this workshop.  Identify your best customers and prospects and build a plan which creates ‘raving fans’ and captures the right new business.

  • Reasons for territories
  • Managing territories
  • Evaluating performance coverage

Leadership Connections
Leading you to exceptional sales success, Connecting you with top line results

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