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Avoid the Need for too Much Approval
Sellers needing a lot of approval work hard at being good
(1) at their job, (2) in their home life, (3) with their spouse, (4) as a parent, (5) as an adult child with their own parents. Avoid the need for too much approval. As a seller you have rights. When you solve problems and provide solutions you are entitled to a fair price, decisions and respect. Strong relationships work best on a two way street. Read entire newsletter

Provider of 'stuff' or a problem solver?
There is an old saying in sales that goes something like this: "People don't buy green boots to wear green boots: They buy green boots to have dry feet." Your job as top salesperson is to identify the problems each customer wants to solve - then, and only then, provide proof of how your products or services are a match and solution to the problem or situation. Read entire newsletter

'A' Players are Mentally Tough
Harvard Business School did a study to determine the common characteristics of top salespeople. The evidence they found is clear that most people can be top sellers if they are willing to study, concentrate and focus on performance. Here are a few of the common traits of top sellers. Read entire newsletter

Turn Change Into a Selling Advantage
It is tough out there, and naturally changes in the economy are going to impact your business - if they haven't done so already. Here are some tips you can use to help change be used to your greatest advantage. Read entire newsletter

Successful Proposals, Successful Sales
Proposals should not be the tool to create interest. Proposals should be to confirm to a qualified buyer how your product or service will provide the solutions they need and how your offerings will resolve their "pains." Proposals should be to confirm what has already been covered and agreed upon verbally. Proposals do not sell, salespeople sell. However, when working with multiple decision makers for longer and more complex solutions, especially in a difficult economy, proposals are needed and can be a useful entity. Here are a few tips on writing proposals that will win. Read entire newsletter

Three Strategies You Need Now
There is little doubt recent economic events have weakened business confidence and in some sectors business spending. Economists joke that a recession is when your neighbor loses his or her job and a depression is when you lose your job. Universal consensus on the definition of either doesn't exist, but many economists say a recession is a decline in Gross National Product for two or more consecutive quarters and a depression is a decline of greater than ten percent. Even if you consider the worst-case scenario of a ten percent decline, roughly ninety percent of your customers and prospects are most likely still buying. It is still a great time to be selling... Read entire newsletter

The Sales Professional's Best Friend: Referrals
The best method to develop new business is through referrals from your existing customers and network. There is no faster, stronger or better way to build a business. In fact, if you are not working referrals you are losing a lot of potential business. Seasoned professionals know how to ask for and receive high quality referrals. Read entire newsletter

Self Image: How to Get It, How to Use It
The image we have of ourselves exists largely because of our past experiences. However, those experiences have not made you the way you are; they have made you believe you are the way you are. Read entire newsletter

Interviewing the Prospect with No Problems
Some customers resist talking about problems or shortfalls in their company or their departments.  Sometimes this is because if they were the ones who brought in current products, services or systems, then admitting to problems is like saying they have made bad decisions.  Asking people what their problems are, will almost surely elicit, “I don’t have any problems.”  The most common way many salespeople approach problem solving is to ask problem type questions or pain questions. Read entire newsletter

Self Discipline Means Taking Action Today
The credit card commercials have it right in one sense.  You know the one that says, “Tickets $50, Food $75, time together – Priceless!”  In selling, it sounds like this, “Ideas a dime a dozen, good intentions $10, action – Priceless!” Sellers must accept full responsibility for outcomes, good or bad.  Skills alone will not take you to the top.  The world is full of qualified and skilled people who are less than successful.  Beliefs and attitude alone will not make you successful.  The world is full of ideas.  Taking action is the most important thing you can do as a salesperson.  This means taking action today, not tomorrow.  Top sellers don’t always do more; they just do more of the right things. Read entire newsletter

Helping You Achieve Your Sales Goals
Most people believe they should set goals, it has been estimated that only five percent of the population actually does.  An even smaller number of people who convert those goals to a written form.  Long-term studies show that people who commit to their goals in writing have a 95% greater chance of accomplishing them than those how don’t convert their goals to written form.   Read entire newsletter

Nine Steps to Closing Every Sale
Closing sales doesn’t take magic.  Just following these nine simple steps and increase your sales ratio.  Read entire newsletter

Turning the Gatekeeper into Your Friend
A major challenge when prospecting is getting past the gatekeeper to the Decision Maker.  Gatekeepers take many forms including, administrative assistants, voicemail, switchboard operations, or even a temporary answering service.   Read entire newsletter

Self-Management and Productivity in Sales
To be successful in sales we must recognize three very important facts about our role as salespeople.  Learn the three principles, and you will come to some very important conclusions about the most appropriate behavior necessary to be successful in sales.  
Read entire newsletter

Understanding Human Nature – The Sales Rescue
Despite all the effort sellers might put into developing skills, expertise, and knowledge, it is still difficult to make a sale or close a deal without the help of the customer,  Sales rescue is about engaging the prospect in a way to help us sell to them. Read entire newsletter 

The Emotional Meaning of Money
Our personal beliefs about money impact our selling and conviction.  There are five basic money motivators:  importance, comfort, dependence, security, and existence.  Each meaning we have given to money is a way we have agreed to let money make us feel. Read entire newsletter

The Importance of Being Liked
Rapport is experiencing the world through the same door as the person you’re communicating with.  Great rapport with customers speeds up the sales process.  Read entire newsletter

Resilience:  Adapting Well to Changes and Events
How do you respond to hardships?  Some people feel victimized and blame others for their difficulties.  Some feel helpless and shut down, while others get irritated and lash out at those around them.  Certainly individuals, however, face hardships in a very different way; they use the experience and inner strength they have gained to pick themselves up and move forward rather than indulging in feelings of pain and hurt.  Read entire newsletter

Closing Skills or Selling Skills

Many people say the most important part of the sales process is the close.  After years of observing salespeople, sales management, and by training thousands of salespeople, experience indicates it is probably true that strong closers generally do better overall, than those how are weak.  Closing a sale is really about helping others make a decision, and closing is a process, not an event that occurs at the end of a sales presentation. Read entire newsletter

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