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How Much is a Lot of Money?

Basic CMYK

Answer these questions:

How much is a lot of money for a vacation? House? Car? To loan friend?

How much is a lot of money to bail a spouse or child out of jail or trouble?

How much is a lot of money to you? How much is a lot of money to your prospect?

The answer to the last question is that you do not know if you do not ask.  The learning point is that money is a conceptual thing and everyone has a different perspective. Be careful to not take your own perceptions about money to the sales call and superimpose them onto our prospect. Everyone has different perspectives about “a lot of money.”

Discuss budget and the required investment with your prospect after you have a clear understanding of their ‘pain’ and the implication of those perceived problems. Relate value to the consequences of their situation. 


“A billion here, a billion there, and pretty soon you’re talking about real money.”

–Everett Dirksen

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